Strongman Clothing UK – From £19.95

Strongman Clothing UK – From £19.95

Buy Strongman Clothing UK

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What are you looking for when choosing clothing to compete or train in strongman events?

Hard wearing? Cost effective? Something that you won’t mind trashing with tacky?

We’ve sourced some awesome strongman clothing items which we’ve tried and tested against other garments in events such as atlas stones, farmers carry, log press and axle deadlift.

At the moment we have stock of –

Atlas Stone T Shirts
Atlas Stone Muscle Vests
King Heavy Hoodies
King Heavy Training Vest
King Heavy Training T Shirt
King Heavy Sleeveless Hoodies

We found our strongman muscle vest is perfect for training in. The neck loop hangs low so you get some great additional grip from the top of your chest and the material is ultra soft and comfortable. Also great as just general gymwear or lifestyle wear.

Our T-Shirts are a slim muscle fit 60% Cotton 40% Poly mix. For strongman clothing, these are OK for training but much better suited as simply a strongman T-Shirt to show your support for the sport/community. Ultra comfortable.

We’ve been working hard on product testing for our strongman clothing range and really narrowing down our selection to the best products that are best suited to the kind of thrashing that strongman gives clothing items.

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We have a bunch of new items on their way as well such as leggings and jogging bottoms, elbow and knee sleeves and socks.

If you have any questions or requests DM us through our Instagram page

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