Did someone order atlas stones?

Did someone order atlas stones?

A bunch more atlas stones going out this week across the UK.

It’s exciting to know that our atlas stones are being used/have been used throughout the country in strongman gyms, competitions, on TV shows, garage gyms, outdoor training facilities and even as ornaments!

We’ve been working hard on making sure our atlas stones are up there with the best of them and wouldn’t look out of place at prestigious events such as world’s strongest man or giants live.

A reminder that the concrete mix for our atlas stones has been designed by a good friend/concrete engineer (yes they do exist)! Who came up with a custom mix designed specifically for the stress, vibration and shock that atlas stones are subjected to. There’s some things in there that we’re pretty sure no one else is using.

As we continue to refine our stone products we’re also excited to have our very own strongman tacky available soon. We’ve been working on a recipe for some time that isn’t simply the same old mix for pine resin tacky. Again, experts in their field have been involved in this one as well!

Strongman atlas stones made and available to buy in the UK. Used in strongman gyms, competitions and professional strongmen who wear our strongman clothing
Atlas stones on a pallet for delivery to gyms, strongman competitions and garage gyms across the UK. In this picture there is a 110kg, 130kg, 150kg, and 175kg atlas stones
80kg and 75kg atlas stone made with concrete for strongmen in the UK. Used in strongman training, world's strongest man, giants live and other strongman competitions

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